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Phone Features Descriptions and When/Why to Use 

External Assignment (To External Phone) 
Assigns your office phone to an external number such as a cell phone.  Calls to your office phone are routed to your external number.      

The KEY difference between this feature and Forward (below) is that you can fully control your inbound and outbound calls to your external number using the Mitel/Shoretel Connect software. 
NOTE: This is the preferred method for having your external number ring when someone calls your office phone.  

More detail here 


Forward (To External phone) 

This feature will not allow you to control your calls with the Mitel/Shoretel Connect client software.   

NOTE: If no answer, how many times your external number rings determines where a caller's voicemail mail message is left (Office phone or external number).   
More detail here  


Soft Phone 
Enabling/Using this feature within the Mitel/Shoretel Connect software allows your KCCD issued laptop to function as your phone with your office extension.  This assumes you have a mic and speakers OR headset.  

This feature is usually reserved for users that are part of a department using a Phone Tree, Shared Mailbox and/or dealing with a very high volume of phone calls.  

NOTE: This feature requires a more complex remote access setup and assumes you have a newer laptop and a high-speed Internet connection.   

More detail here 


Voicemail Email Notification
This feature will notify you via email when someone leaves you a voicemail on your office phone.  Notifications for each voicemail left will include a .wav file attachment for playback on your computer.  

More detail here  

Access Voicemail Remotely by Phone 
This feature allows you to check voicemail from off campus. 
More detail here 

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