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To request remote access, please submit a Help Desk case or call (877) 382-3508.

Click HERE for instructions on how to connect to with VPN using the Pulse Secure software.


Remote Access  

  1. Open Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge.  
    a. Supports all HTML 5 browsers. Note: Windows XP and IE8-11 are no longer supported.  
  2. From your web browser URL type   
  3. Next you will then see the “Welcome to the KCCD Secure Access Service” login page. Type your EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD, and click “Sign In”.  
  4. *PLEASE SEE THE ARTICLE Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Duo Security for Employee or Vendor Accounts TO FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO CONFIGURE DUO BEFORE PROCEEDING. Next, you will be prompted for DUO 2-Factor authentication with your mobile device. Click on “Send Me a Push”.  
  5. On your mobile phone you will be promptedTap to respond”. Click “Approve”. *SEE Duo MFA common problems and solutions IF YOU ARE HAVING ISSUES WITH DUO.
  6. You’ll now access your computer, applications, etc.  
  7. After logging in to remote access for the first time it may prompt you to install the Pulse Remote Launcher.  
         a. For personal devices, you will need to install this on your own.  
         b. For District owned devices you will need an IT member to install it for you as it requires an administrator password. 
  8. After installing the launcher follow the instructions that load on the screen to continue. 
  9. A window with a warning message will be displayed, click the “Save Settings” checkbox, and then click “Yes”. 
  10. Another warning window will load asking if you want to allow Pulse Secure to run, click “Always”. 


Last updated: 2020-03-30 03:20 PM 2107-1549694
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