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How to externally assign your Office Phone extension

This document will provide the steps required to externally assign your office phone extension.

There are two ways to get this done:

  • Follow instructions below. If you are not in your office and already working remotely, you will need VPN access and the Mitel/Shoretel software client on your KCCD issued laptop . If you don’t have VPN access, you will need to submit a helpdesk case at


PLEASE NOTE: After externally assigning your office phone extension, the caller ID for incoming calls will show our telecoms carrier’s BILLING TELEPHONE NUMBER which is unique for each KCCD site.

Configure External Assignment Number

  1. Begin by launching the Mitel/ShoreTel Connect client.
  2. Click on your name and extension in the upper left corner of the Mitel/ShoreTel Connect client. This action will open your assignment settings.  See Figure 1
  3. Click the radio button labeled “External Assignment Number”. See Figure 1 (image below)

Figure 1

  1. If you do not have an external assignment number set up, you will be prompted to add one. Give your number a Label (e.g. Mobile, Home, etc.) and add the full 10-digit number.  See Figure 2
  2. You are also able to choose the number of rings that Mitel will try to ring your external phone before it sends the call to voicemail (if someone is calling you) or ends the call attempt (if you are trying to call someone). See Figure 2
  3. The final option when adding an external assignment number determines what will happen when you answer your externally assigned phone. See Figure 2
    1. “Press 1 to connect” will prompt you to press 1 after answering your externally assigned phone when you receive a call to your extension or make an outbound call.
    2. “Automatically connect” will immediately connect your call when you answer your externally assigned phone. (image below)

Figure 2

  1. To switch back and forth between taking calls on your external phone or your desk phone, simply select either the “Desk phone” or “External Assignment Number” radio buttons as seen in Figure 3
  2. You are also able to add a new number for external assignment by clicking the link to “Add New Number” as seen in Figure 3 (image below)

Figure 3

Also note: you can perform Transfer, Conference, and Hold actions on the active call through the Mitel/ShoreTel Connect Client.

Place an Outbound Call While Externally Assigned

  1. To place an outbound call while externally assigned, dial the number through the Mitel/ShoreTel Connect Client. See Figure 5
  2. Once the number is dialed, and after a brief delay, your externally assigned phone will ring with an incoming call.
  3. Answer your externally assigned phone and you will be connected with the number that you dialed.

Also note: you can perform Transfer, Conference, and Hold actions on the active call through the Mitel/ShoreTel Connect Client.  You can also call internal extensions through the Mitel/ShoreTel Connect Client utilizing the same steps above. (image below)

Figure 4

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